We are excited to announce our new Caviar Service, featuring a selection of Caviar from Sturia, the flagship brand of the first French producer of caviar. Personally selected by Executive Chef Nico Abello, Sturia’s delicate salting allows the full expression of its nutty flavors. 

Extending our unique take on fine dining, the Caviar Service provides guests with an opportunity to experience L’Appart’s personal dining experience by enjoying a caviar flight and wine pairing before or after dinner.

PRIMEUR / 30g  -  120. 

Floral, hints of green hazelnut, creamy texture. 

PRESTIGE / 30g  -  160. 

Rare, buttery with iodized flavors

OSCIETRA / 30g  -  220. 

Marine savours, dried fruit, golden brown roes.

FLIGHT OF THREE CAVIARS  /  45g  -  200.



Delamotte Champagne Brut NV  -  30

domaine marcel deiss alsace 2010 schoffweg -  24 

koshi no kanbai junmai ginjo muku  -  18